Compare Quick Extender Pro and SizeGenetics in this Review

13 Apr


 Penis Extenders are special devices that are used to increase the size and volume of the penis.  Devices must regularly be worn to achieve meaningful results. Also, extenders will solve problems with erection, and help to increase libido. It also helps to get rid of emotional issues that have arisen against the background of intimate imbalance.

Quick Extender Pro Review and Results

This device allows you to increase the size and volume of the penis for several centimeters without surgery.

Clinical facts
For those who suffer from the problem of the curvature of the penis, the extender will correct it by 75%.

Quick Extender Pro before and after results:

  • The penis enlargement device is completely not visible under the clothes;
  • The enlargement of the penis occurs easily and painlessly – in just two months you will get a tangible result;
  • It’s reliable and durable as orthopedic equipment.
Did you know?
It is worth noting that the effect of using the penis extender remains for life.

The length of the penis after regular wearing of the device increases by as much as 4 cm! And this is not the limit. The materials for manufacturing the product are safe and harmless. It can be used for penis enlargement and penis curvature correction.

You will not hear any Quick Extender Pro complaints, because this penis enlargement device really works. You will receive a manual on how to use this device with pictures and videos. If you read the reviews about this product, learn only medically approved facts.

This penis extender consists of a fixing silicone arc, an additional cap, a soft lining, a set of rods for maximum enlargement. Extender kit also includes the instruction and information CD.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Review

SizeGenetics penis enhancement device is made in the classical version, has a compact and convenient design. It’s discreet under clothes. The extender is certified and approved by the Medical Association. Therefore it is considered safe for the male body.

After two months of wearing the device, the penis becomes bigger by 2-3 cm. The course is six months. After this, the penis increases in size up to 4 cm.

SizeGenetics before and after results:

  • Comfortable for regular wearing;
  • Regulating strap, which allows you to fix the penis glans;
  • The ability to repair a curved penis;
  • A decent result: a penis significantly increases in length and volume in case of the regular wearing of the extender. SizeGenetics is a permanent penis enlargement solution.

How to Use SizeGenetics

You can start applying the SizeGenetics extender from a one-hour wearing per day until discomfort disappears.

The two orthopedic devices described above have identical characteristics and the same efficiency. Therefore, they can be safely recommended to all men who suffer from the small-sized penis. This device can be found on Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, GNC.  But it’s recommended to find it on the official manufacturer’s website

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