10 Breast Enhancement Myths

You should have heard a lot of different opinions, thoughts, and views on breast enlargement, and all their authors state that only their facts are correct. Let’s consider what facts have appeared to be myths.

1. All breast implants look unrealistic

It’s not true! How your implants will look after the surgery depends on a lot of various aspects, including individual patient factors as the elasticity of the skin, the amount of natural breast tissue, breast size, the protection, and placement of implants, as well as doctor’s skills. Most women prefer submuscular implants as they have a more natural look. But your surgeon may recommend other options that will fit you better. A lot of patients are satisfied with their realistic gains.

2. Breast implants lead to cancer

It’s not true! In December 2011, it became known that Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants comprised industrial grade silicone and, thus, could be ruptured faster.  However, extensive researches have shown that no PIP implant element can lead to cancer, and there has been found no evidence that silicone could cause breast cancer.

3. Breast implants feel hard

It’s not true! A lot of clinics use implants with silicone gels that are cohesive polymers. The gel spreads uniformly and does not allow breasts to lose their shape maintaining a natural look of breast tissues and ensuring a soft and fluid effect. It is possible due to a cohesive and gelatin-like substance that keeps its shape toned up.

4. Breast implants prevent breastfeeding

It’s not true! No breast implant influences the mammary glands during the breast enlargement surgery, especially if you insert them underneath your muscle. Therefore, they can’t affect or, moreover, prevent breastfeeding. Mammary gland texture and breast size will change with every pregnancy and your age, and no implant can impede these alterations. Breast implants only help improve breast size and shape in such a case.

5. Breast implants prevent mammography

It’s only partly true. Mammography with breast implants is possible but less useful. The implants do not allow the X-rays to investigate the breast tissues that are behind them. Before the screening, you should inform your radiographer that you have implants. In such a case, they may apply some different technique to see more breast tissues on the X-ray.

6. Breast implants float in water

It’s not true! During breast enlargement surgery, special pockets are formed in your breasts where the implants are placed. The healing process ensures that your body takes its natural shape holding breast implants firmly into their places. Implants contain no air but a gelatin-like substance which prevents your implants from floating.

Breast surgery

7. Breast implants require replacement every 10 years

It’s not true! If you have no problems with your breast implants, and they do not bother you, you have no reason to replace them. You should change them only when something has happened: the implant rupture or the capsular contractures are confirmed.

8. Breast enlargement surgery requires that you sleep during it

It’s not true! Nowadays, two types of anesthesia are used. General anesthesia (GA) is a medically induced coma where medications cause the controlled reversible loss of consciousness and a patient sleeps during surgery. Local anesthesia (LA) is a medically induced loss of sensation in a particular area of the body when a patient feels no pain. When inserting breast implants, LA, and sedative drugs are usually applied.

9. Breast implants prevent wearing underwire bras

It’s not true! You may wear underwire bras, but experts recommend waiting until your recover in full. It usually takes up to six weeks, or your doctor may allow you to wear the bras earlier. After a full recovery, wearing any push-up or underwire bras are completely safe for your health.

10. No breast implants are recommended for older women

It’s not true! Breast enlargement is very popular among women all around the world. There are no age restrictions, and any woman is never old to make her body perfect. After 40 (childbirth, skin aging, gravity, or weight loss), breasts become saggy and lose their shapes. Therefore, a lot of women in this age are most likely to lift their femininity symbols and prolong their beauty.