Commonly Asked Questions about Male Infertility

One of the many problems that men are facing today is the low production of sperm cells. Male fertility refers to the inability to impregnate a partner who is often characterized by a low sperm count. Low sperm count questions and answers have all been answered by doctors, and this is information that you need to know about male fertility: the causes and available treatments.

Causes of Male Infertility

One of the major causes of male infertility is the sperm count. Problems regarding the sperm are either the low count or the sperm cannot move to be able to fertilize the egg thus missing the chance for fertilization and pregnancy. One of the major factors can also be the consistency of the semen. If the semen is too thick, it will prevent the movement of the sperm.

Such condition can be caused by a problem with the testes and the tubes that transport the sperm to the semen. Motility and morphology can also be causes of male infertility. Health issues can be also a trigger like infections and ejaculation problems. Inflammation of the testes will surely affect the sperm while ejaculation problems may be caused by previous surgery or diabetes.

Some medications that you are taking blood pressure medications or antibiotics may also pose harm to the sperm count. Or it can be a hereditary or genetic aspect that you may have gotten from a family with the same condition.

Treatment for Infertility

Surgery is one of the treatments that are available to solve sperm count. If this kind of condition is caused by an infection, it can be treated by using antibiotics. Hormone treatments are also available wherein you will undergo hormone replacement. If these treatments do not work, pregnancy can still be possible by artificial insemination or assisted reproductive technology.