Effective Penis Enlargement – It’s True!






Richard, 46 years old

Initial measurements: Length 5.5 in, Girth 4.5 in

Current measurements: Length 8 in, Girth 5.5 in

I know that you may say I have had a normal penis, I have imagined all my problems, I could have lived with that size. And there are a lot of men who hyperbolize their problems and try to correct what they do not need to.

I was an athlete, and I saw tens and tens of guys and their manhood in lockers and showers. Thus, I understood that my measurements were smaller than those of other men. I got it for the first time when I was in the seventh grade, but I hoped that the situation would change during my puberty. I thought I had time.  In the eleventh grade, I was six feet tall but my penis seemed not to grow with me.

Yes, statistics showed that I have an average size. But I felt disappointed and embarrassed and dreamt about the more proportioned penis. I started feeling insecure and ashamed of my body: I didn’t want to go to the shower or dressing room with my teenagers, and I didn’t want to take off clothes when doctors asked. I was afraid that everybody would laugh at me and would not talk to me.

Now, it seems so ridiculous, but at that point of time, I was bewildered. Then, I finally got sick and tired of my short penis, constant fear and uncertainty and decided to find an adequate and helpful solution and remedy the situation.

I had time, enormous desire and efforts to make my dream come true. That way was hard and long and took two years of penis enlargement exercises. But you should not give up. You should make all possible efforts to gain the heights, and you will succeed – it’s true. You should be ready to devote a great part of your life to exercising to see real results, but it is worth doing.

And now I am 46 years old, and I am happy that my persistence and wish have changed my life. I am married, and my wife is impressed by my sexual potential. We met each other when my penis was 6.5 in length and 5 in girth. She did notice the difference with every improvement and couldn’t conceal her delight.

A lot of women and some men say that size does not matter. But I know that it does matter and can feel all its benefits. I knew that I could gain positive results without surgeries. Just believe in your desires, commitments and efforts and you will get what you want.