How To Last Longer In Bed Using Simple Techniques

When any problems are simply eating you, when you get anxious or embarrassed, you should take a “stop-and-calm-down” strategy. Men are recommended taking a break and deep breath and concentrate on their sexual relations. Forget about your head and follow the call of your body.


Change Speed of Your Strokes

Catherine Toyooka, the human sexuality expert and founder of Catherine Coaches sex workshops, say that the best way to prevent an ejaculation and prolong your performance is to change your speed when you are close to a climax.

A man is recommended taking out his penis and caressing with her labia – up and down, up and down. You will calm down, and your partner will continue enjoying as the vagina has a lot of nerve endings in the lower part of its vaginal canal.


Take It Slow

A lot of men prefer a fast pace when in bed – it gives more acute feelings and better sensations. But if you want to last longer in bed, take your time and pay more attention to your partner. Explore the other parts of her body, caress them: kiss her neck, let your hands touch her breasts and waist, provoke her ears, and feel her aroma. Thus, your sexual relations become closer and gentler. Remember to enjoy the process to gain the highest effect.


Do Exercise to Strengthen Your Body

Kegel exercises

Some doctors recommend men doing pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) exercises or the Kegel exercises. They consist of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles that stretch from the urinary sphincter to the anus to strengthen them. The best way to start the training is to stop urinating in the middle of the process by contracting these muscles. If you repeat it 15 times per session and three sessions per day, they will do their part.

Squeezing pubococcygeus muscles improves the flow of the blood to your penis boosting your erections. Besides, it can combat urinary inconsistency, pelvic prolapse and sexual dysfunction.


Don’t Penetrate Deep into Her Vagina

If a man experiences premature ejaculation or cannot last as long as his partner wants, deep strokes will speed up the process. Thus, you should penetrate only into the lower portion of her vagina and avoid sharp and fast moves. You may also change your pace during the sexual intercourse replacing deep strokes with shallow ones. It will help you last longer in bed and ensure higher satisfaction for your partner.


Try the 7 and 9 Technique

This technique is quite popular among men and helps prevent premature ejaculation. A man is recommended changing his pace by taking seven fast strokes and nine slow strokes. Such a rhythm is good for men as they can last in bed as long as their partners require, and it is good for women’s stimulation. Besides, it will withdraw you from odd thoughts and make you focus on the sexual intercourse.


Try the Squeeze Technique

Squeeze Technique

The squeeze technique involves applying pressure that helps men gain or maintain an erection. When you feel that you are close to a climax you should:

  1. Grip the shaft of your penis with a tight ring made of your forefinger and thumb (it helps keep the blood in the erected penis);
  2. Squeeze the shaft of your penis (but avoid any painful feelings);
  3. Continue your sexual activity.


This technique helps dull the penile erection and reduce the ejaculation desire. But remember that you should apply it only when you want to ejaculate and not when you are ejaculating.