Is It Possible To Regrow Baby Hair With Shampoo?

The hairline at the edge of your forehead has short, thin, hair which never grows. This is often referred to as baby hair. If you wish for a thick hairline and good growth or have bald patches surrounded by baby hair, you want to grow them. You find yourself thinking is it possible to regrowth baby hair with shampoo?

Use a good shampoo. Opt for natural shampoos containing herbal ingredients. Avoid shampoo, which has sodium sulfate. Use a shampoo with aloe vera, rosemary, proteins, silica, vitamin E, and natural ingredients.

Use good conditioners to moisturize your hair. Make sure the conditioner also has natural ingredients such as ginseng or biotin, etc. Leave the conditioner in your hair for at least fifteen minutes before washing it off.

After conditioning, a steam treatment with hot towel wraps helps open hair follicles.

Massaging the hairline with a hair growth balm, easily available in the market helps grow baby hair. Try products with aloe vera or natural products. Make sure it has vitamin E or ingredients, which promote hair growth.

You can make home-made hairline massage oil. The combination of olive oil, tea tree oil, and castor oil helps. The other such combination is coconut oil, lavender oil, and rosemary oil. Massage this oil into your hairline with your fingers. Keep it at least for ten minutes before you think of rinsing it. Some people keep it for hours or a day before washing it off. Leaving it on overnight is also a good option.

If all this doesn’t work, consult a dermatologist. A dermatologist will guide on you on how the hairline can grow if at all. The doctor will even suggest medication or decide on whether the hairline will grow at all. Some dermatologists will advise you to consult a trichologist or hair specialist.

You can ask the trichologist that you are wondering is it possible to regrowth baby hair with shampoo? The trichologist will guide you on the correct shampoo to use. They may even advise a hair transplant. That is a process where some hair from the back will be pulled out and put next to your baby hair or at the hairline.

Age is also an important factor in hairline regrowth. You could have a scalp damaged with pollution and dirt. Or it could be stress. If your scalp is damaged, only a doctor will be able to help you solve the hairline issue.

olive oil for hair

When you purchase any product for hair, remember to buy something with olive oil or vitamin E. Olive oil is very good for hair growth. It stimulates hair follicles and leads to growth. The idea is to moisturize your hair with oil-based moisturizers that will nourish your hair and lead to hair growth.

You should avoid damaging your baby hair. Baby hair is easily damaged when you pull back or comb back. Uses of chemical based hair gel or hair spray can also ruing baby hair. People who dye their hair or color their hair will have a problem when the baby hair become stiff or unmanageable. Using hair blower or hair dryer very often will also lead to damaging of baby hair. Broken or damaged hair is most visible on your forehead.

Baby hair needs to be managed gently. The good idea is to apply coconut or other recommended massage oil a night before you wash your hair. You should look for shampoo or oil, which coats the hair and prevents them from further damage.

The idea for massaging this part of the scalp is to increase blood flow into the scalp. This activates the hair follicle and allows the hairline to grow again. The hair growth, which was previously inhibited and getting damaged, is stimulated once again. Thus the hair loss process is reversed.

There are many medicated shampoos available in the market, which activate the hair growth process. Before buying a medicated shampoo, always consult a doctor. Each shampoo responds to different types of hair and skin conditions. Your scalp may suffer from damage, and the doctor may advise you to use shampoo with a combination of creams or oils or oral medication. The doctor will also advise you on the correct diet to promote hair growth.