Mo Butta Booty Cream Reviews Made By Customers

Mo Butta Booty Cream is an excellent natural blend of herbs and oils from all over the world that is properly formulated to make female shapes and bodies sexier, more attractive, and more beautiful just in weeks. This cream is hand-made and causes no side effects.

This is what the official website claims. But is this true? Is it possible to make the cream (in such quantities) at home and by your own hands? Is it possible to fill every jar and send to hundreds of clients all over the world? Let’s see whether the Mo Butta manufacturer is fair.

If you visit the official website of the cream, you’ll see that it does not have the full list of the ingredients contained in Mo Butta (actually it’s quite difficult to find any through the Internet). The Mo Butta blog says that the product is formulated from (among others):

  • Maca Root that is used to relieve fatigue, improve energy and mood, and enhance the immune system.
  • Flaxseed Oil that is a precursor to the omega-3 fatty acid used for weight loss and heart protection.
  • Cod Liver Oil that helps reduce blood fat, lower high cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Black Cohosh that is commonly used to treat menopause symptoms, premenstrual cramps, and menstrual pains and helps enhance the skin of the body.
  • Pure Cocoa Butter that prevents stretch marks and treat wrinkles.


Though there is no complete information, Mo Butta booty cream states that a lot of women, including celebrities (e.g., Deelishis from Flavor of Love (Season 2) are satisfied with the results they achieve with the cream. The company offers various natural beauty products, including oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, and conditioners. Let’s read what customers actually think about them.

Christina, Illinois: “Thousands of women dream about larger buttocks and breast and curvier shapes, but most of them give up before they can find the way that is effective for them. I am a mother of three children and it has affected my body significantly. I tried a lot: pills, diets, exercises, and creams, but received no desired effect. I was in a good shape, but my belly was saggy. When I decided to give a try to Mo Butta, I didn’t expect much. But I am very glad that I have given a chance to it. This cream has made me wear a beautiful two piece bathing suit again!”

Amanda, New York: “I have never used any pills or creams to make my body curvier and firmer, and I was a bit afraid to use Mo Butta. But I am so happy with it. I have been ordering the cream for three years and can say that my 49-old body is perfect. Hundreds of thanks to the manufacturing team!”

Charlotte, North Carolina: “I wrapped the whole body with the Mo Butta Tummy Cream: from my head to my toes – as I was totally dissatisfied with it. And the one-night results surprised me: my belly disappeared, my face looked better, and my skin was tighter. And what was more important was that I lost 9 inches in a day. It’s a fantastic product. I will continue using and do recommend the cream to other women! Excellent gains!”

Arnold, New York: “I decided to use the Max Growth Oil on my chest and butt. And I can say that I buy larger pants now – and this is the result of three months. I am very glad that this product works for men as we also want to look cute and attractive. Thank you for a perfect cream!”

Maria, California: “I have two brilliant children, but my body has gone down after childbirth. This is my fourth month with the Mo Butta Cream, and I can notice that my saggy belly and stretch marks have disappeared. My hips and butt have become wider, tighter, and firmer, and I am happy with the results! Recommend it to all other women!”

Mo Butta Cream result

Larisa, Delaware: “I suffer from crippling arthritis so I constantly feel pain in my body. My twins have eczema, and I have ordered the Moisturizing Healing Lotion for them. Every evening after the bath, I massage the lotion onto their bodies, and they like it. The product helps them get asleep and have a healthy sleep. Now, we have forgotten about night wakening up and rubbing. In addition, I have noticed that I feel no pain in my arms after these massages. Now, I have bought a bottle for me to relieve my arthritis and reduce hand swelling. And I can wear my rings again”.

Carolina, Georgia: “I want to say that Mo Butty actually works, and I do recommend it to other women!”

Anna, California:  “It was my sister who used that cream first. She was completely satisfied with the results and said that I could give a try to it. As it had a sweet aroma, I decided to give it a try. In a few weeks, I noticed that my buttock added some inches and the skin was tighter. I continue using the cream not to allow my shapes to reduce after my intense exercises”.

Andrew, Texas: “After my wife had given birth to our two beautiful children – a boy and a girl – she didn’t want to go out with her friends as she was ashamed of her shapes. No dress fitted her as before. So, she decided to give a chance to the fat burner lotion and the growth oil. Now, she has a perfect figure and can easily wear attractive clothing when meeting with her friends or going to the restaurant with me!”

Samantha, Boston, Massachusetts: “My daughter suffered from psoriasis and had dark marks all over her body. She started to use the Healing Lotion and Healing Soap two years ago and applied it everywhere, including legs and hands. In a year, her skin became much better, and most of her scars disappeared. We have tried an enormous amount of products, and only these lotions have helped my daughter treat psoriasis. Now, it is entirely gone! Thank the team for excellent products!”

Mo Butta Cream results

Tamara, Washington: “Once I received the growth shampoo tester from this company. So, I took a chance to try it though I expected nothing. But the effect surprised me. I had a scalp infection causing significant hair loss. I have tried a lot of products prescribed by my health-care provider, but none of them helped me get rid of the problem. After a month of the use of that growth shampoo, I noticed that my hair became thicker. New follicles appeared that inspired the new life. Since then, I have ordered more hair care products, including the growth conditioner, and I am glad about what I see. I will continue buying only these shampoos and would be delighted if the manufacturer formulates some moisturizers or hair grease products”.

Natali, London: “My buttock skin was bad and weak, so I ordered the Mo Butty Cream. I was so glad when I received my package. It had no signs of what was inside. But what actually surprised me was that my stretch marks and saggy skin disappeared. Now, my body feels good and has a perfect look – and this is the results of few months. I am satisfied with the cream and how it works. I do recommend other customers to buy this product”.

Yasmina, Canada: “My friend has been buying the products of this company for three years, and she is completely satisfied with their effects. Besides, they have a pleasant mint aroma. So, I joined the company on Instagram. I have good shapes, but I would like to make my booty a bit larger and firmer. I also ordered the Mo Butty Cream, and I am very glad as I have added three sizes with this product. These results are fantastic, and I will continue using this cream!”

Rebecca, Florida: “I have been following the company for a year. In six months (due to a lot of positive reviews) I decided to try the growth oil and the growth soap. Now, this is the sixth month when I use the products, and my body has significantly changed. My hips and buttock are larger and more attractive now. Finally, after I tried hundreds of pills and creams – I have found the very one that can really help me. My boyfriend loves how it smells and likes massaging me every night. Thank you for an excellent formula and wish you new herbal inventions”.

Mo Butta Cream result

Sophie, Louisiana: “A friend of mine, who was diagnosed with fibroid tumors in the belly, recommended me your product. To tell the truth, I also suffered from that condition. So, I did some research into the company and its products and saw that all of them were formulated from natural herbs, botanicals, oils, and minerals. A lot of herbs in some products were supposed to help treat fibroids. So, I have chosen Max Curve Pills. In several months, I visited my physician, and he told me that some of them disappeared. I was very glad! And thank you very much for perfect blends!”

Tom, Florida: “I have been skeptical of herbal pills and creams as I have never believed that any herbs can help treat diseases. But my wife has bought your products, so I have a chance to see how and if it works. She applies the cream to all the parts of her body; she washes the hair of our children with your shampoos and conditioners, and she gives me your healing lotion. So, our entire family uses the products. I would say that they do work for all of us though I am a man. I am glad that we have a chance to use natural formulas that make our lives and health better”.

Samantha, New York: “I ordered the tummy cream and wrapped my body with it only one time for a night – 11 pm through 9 am. Only one night and my figure took an hourglass form – less than 12 hours and 6 months of permanent results. This cream is fantastic and ensures amazing effects!”

Pamela, Maryland: “I won the growth oil on Instagram – there was a contest – received my packed and started using in two weeks at the beginning of my cycle (as instructed by the manufacturer). I saw incredible changes in my body in one month. I am so glad that I have got a chance to try your product. It is really effective. When the bottle was finished, I made an order and received it in 6 days. In two months, my body became perfect. I am so happy that the company has created such an excellent product for women. I will for sure continue using this miracle oil”.

Lily, Illinois: “I have been the customer of the company for several years – since the times of your little business. I am very glad that the corporation has developed now and offers a great variety of natural and effective products. In the beginning, I felt skeptical of all that stuff and decided to give it a try just to see whether the company was a real one. The booty cream appeared to be effective, so I ordered it several times and was happy with its results. Now, I am a permanent customer and try every new product. I can say for sure that all of them work. I am waiting for the next innovative formula that can help promote my health and improve my body”.