Penis Enlargement: Fact or Fiction

Larger and fuller penis, stronger and firmer erections, longer-lasting sexual intercourses, and more explosive orgasms… That is what most men dream about.

I do understand what men think and how they want to be stronger and manlier. And based on the medical practice and experience, we have collected the most popular sexual facts, opinions, and thoughts about men:

       1. Based on the Kinsey Study, an average penis size is 5.5 in.

       2. Women assure men that the penis size does not matter.

       3. The majority of men want to enlarge their manhood.

       4. 90% of men are not satisfied with their penis length and girth, and sexual endurance.

       5. 50 to 75% of men suffer from benign prostatic hypertrophy.

       6. Over 30% of men of different age suffer from erectile dysfunction.

       7. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer.

       8. In the US, 38,000 men die from prostate cancer every year, and the rates are constantly increasing.

       9. The majority of men who have problems with sexual function, including erectile dysfunction, small penis anxiety, or short-lasting performance, do not want to discuss their problems with their partners or even doctors.

       10. The majority of men prefer to get additional information by discussing their problems at work, with friends, or colleagues, on the Internet, at gyms or health clubs.

Though most men have an adequate penis size (based on medical studies), they are still concerned with enlarging their manhood. They want to delight their partners in bed increasing their self-confidence, satisfaction and pleasure. Therefore, they are seeking for all possible ways that can help make their dreams come true.

And nowadays, it is quite easy to find some products that promise unbelievable sensations, enormous sizes, and perfect appearance. These ads are everywhere: on the Internet, in your e-mails, magazines, TV and on the streets. And there are so much information and misinformation that is difficult to find out the truth. What is better: pills or creams, traction devices or surgeries? Are they really effective and safe? It is necessary to define and trust only reliable information about penis enlargement not to harm your body and health.

Nowadays, men prefer penile traction devices or phalloplasty to enlarge their manhood. They think that these products are most effective and ensure permanent gains. However, the truth is that none of them can be a real alternative to increase the size of your penis. Let’s consider these techniques in detail.

Traction Devices

Penis Traction Device

The male enhancement industry offers a great variety of such devices, but most medical phallic tools are used to improve tissue conditions after surgeries where the suspensory ligament has been cut. Sometimes, doctors prescribe traction devices to reduce penis curvature, adhesion buildup, or erectile dysfunction.

If you have had no penis surgery within a day or so, you should not wear the appliance.

Penile Pump Devices

You have probably seen lots and lots of ads of penis pumps on the Internet or in the magazines. And all of them say how powerful their products are, and claim that they can make your manhood as big and firm as never before.

A penile pump device contains a plastic tube, a battery-powered or hand pump, and a constriction ring. Based on Mayo Clinic data, a penis pump is a device that helps men combat erectile dysfunction. The men who suffer from circulatory disorders or diabetes can also use the pumps to improve their health. Such men have poor blood circulation – it prevents blood from flowing to genitalia area and causing an erection that is enough for sexual activity.

The penis pump works by extending the skin and related tissues and releasing the blood flow to the penis where it is accumulated. When you put the constriction ring in place, you will experience harder erections and have time for sex. But no penis pump can make your manhood larger and fuller, it makes your erections firmer.

You have probably heard that the devices are approved by the FDA. And it is true, but they are approved for specific purposes.

Weight Hanging Device

Weight hanging is an ancient technique that has been practiced for over 2,000 years. Some records say that they are Egyptian pharaohs who have started using it for penis enlargement. Nowadays, it is still applied in some African tribes.

Some say that when you hang weights to your flaccid penis, it will make your manhood firmer and stronger. Yes, it can add some length to the penis but reduces its girth by stretching the tissues. Besides, some devices can aggravate blood circulation leading to tissue necrosis (in other words, the death of tissues) in severe cases.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

penis enlargement surgery

Phalloplasty is a surgery that assumes the construction, reconstruction or artificial modification of the penis. And in most cases, the surgery aims at treating different penile conditions, including micro-penis and penis curvature.

No surgical intervention can increase your penis in length or girth, improve your muscle tissues, promote your erection maintenance, performance or ensure explosive orgasms. Additionally, penis enlargement surgery that involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament or fat injections can cause adverse reactions and serious complications, including penis deformity.

Moreover, some studies show that cutting the suspensory leads to a shorter penis as scars can appear where there is no ligament.

Natural Penis Enlargement

Enlarging a penis naturally is one of the safest ways to increase your manhood in length and girth and improve your erections. And a team of medical experts spent four years to develop a natural enlargement program for men who would want to enhance their sexual function – no traction devices, no pumps, no weights, no injections, and no surgeries. You won’t risk your health and the most valuable part of the body.

The program that offers you longer and fuller penis, better erections, and longer-lasting performance is 100%-natural. It is based on recent advances and new progress in male health, including the studies of the leading universities with the Noble Prize. You can read the System's Electronic Manual to get more information about the program.