Penis Enlargement Products – Are They Effective?

If you google “penis enlargement”, you will see that this topic is quite popular – 4.28 million search results. And it is true: one man in two thinks that his penis can be larger, and one man in three are seeking for any effective method that can help make his manhood bigger. Nowadays, you may choose supplements, creams, lotions, pumps, or extender, which promise to make your sexual dreams come true overnight. You may find whatever you want and within any pocket.

However, all of you are interested whether all these products can make your penis longer. If you want to hear a simple answer – no, they don’t work. If you want to hear the detailed reply, here it is. The associate professor of urology and director of the University of Washington Men’s Health Center Thomas J. Walsh says that today you can find no pill or cream that can add some extra inches to the length of your phallus. To tell the truth, there is no fast way to enlarge your phallus (in contrast to what most manufacturers claim).

To continue talking about penis enlargement, you should understand how your penis and erection work. The penis contains three main chambers with spongy erectile tissues where the blood is accumulated when your manhood gets erect. Two corpora cavernosa are responsible for your erections, and one corpus spongiosum works when you are urinating. However, they are attached to the pelvic bone and, thus, it is not so easy to manipulate them. As the bodies take their place, they determine the maximum length of the penis at puberty. And it is impossible for some men to increase their penises in length.

Penis Structure

When you are taking herbal supplements, or applying creams, or using pumps, they help increase blood flow to your phallus and your erectile tissues are filled in with blood faster. Thus, you can get better erections or fuller penis. But they won’t work to extend your manhood.

Here is a pleasant surprise for you. The truth is better than you think: most men who are seeking for how to enlarge their penises have average sizes and do not need any help. You should have seen posters or advertisements or watched videos with enormous penises and, thus, have decided that yours is small. This distorts the reality and makes men looking for expensive and risky methods to be “as advertised”.

A lot of men do not realize that they are normal and require no male enhancement (neither supplements nor surgeries). You should know that an average erect penis is 5.6 inches, and a lot of women state that it is girth that matters.

If you are still concerned about your penis size, you should first explore your manhood. Suprapubic fat can hide a part of your penis, so you think that is small. In such a case, you are recommended losing some extra weight. This will help you uncover additional inches.

Lose weight

If it is penis shrinkage that bothers you, you should pay more attention to your health. This can be a medical problem. Some things, including rare sexual activity due to sexual dysfunction or aging, can cause harm to your penis and reduce it in length. If you notice that something wrong is going, you should see your health care provider for professional advice. In such a case, you will help (in addition to your manhood) your body function better and can avoid any further health problems. You should remember that erectile dysfunction is closely connected to heart diseases.

You have probably heard about Peyronie’s disease that also affects your penis size and work. This condition occurs when your penis is curved due to scar tissue formed inside it. If you notice that your erection angle has been changed, you should visit your urologist specializing in sexual medicine. Depending on the degree of the disease, you may be prescribed to wear a penile traction device or a vacuum device that works by extending the shortened side of your penis. In other words, these devices can help stretch the scar tissue and restore its normal size. However, these extenders won’t do much if you have an adequate phallus.

Average penis size

Please remember that visiting your doctor is much better than purchasing some doubtful supplements or gels, or using different devices from sex shops. Your health care provider is a qualified expert that knows what to do in various cases. His prescriptions will be more effective and safer for your health and life. At least, they include the detailed expert instructions.

You should do not take spontaneous decisions and do not make drastic actions when seeking for a longer penis. And please not believe clinics that offer several additional inches in a day and with no risks to your health. You may think that phalloplasty is the best way out, but the procedure and implanted materials can cause fatal injury to your manhood reducing sensation and destroying the surrounding tissue. These penis enlargement surgeries can affect your overall sexual function.

Are you in the category of men who have no health problems but want to boost their sexual performance in bed? Then, you should not look for stretching methods; it is enough to make your penis harder and maintain your erections. This is much safer:

  1. Improve your overall health and physical state
  • Lose your extra weight and reduce fat
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Enhance your cardiovascular health
  • Forget about bad habits and eat healthy food

These simple recommendations will help boost your sexual performance and endurance. Anything that can improve your overall health will increase your sexual function.

The Asian Journal of Andrology has published a study recommending the following things that can prevent erectile dysfunction:

  • Aerobic exercises of moderate intensity to be done 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week
  • 5 to 10 percent of the weight to be lost if you have extra weight
  • More vegetables and fruit, legumes and whole grains, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to be included in your healthy diet. You should limit processed food, red meat, saturated fat, sugars and sugary beverages.
  • Alcohol to be limited to one drink or two per day
  • No smoking