Penis Stretching

Penis stretching is considered as the oldest penile exercises to enlarge of man’s dignity that is used nowadays. Almost all penis enlargement exercises are based on this effective technique and show excellent results. Penis stretching mainly aims at increasing the length of a penis when flaccid and erect.

Before you start doing the exercise, you are recommended getting warmed up. Now, when you are ready, you should follow some simple rules

  1. Take your penis behind its head with an OK grip.
  2. Pull it down and stay in such a position for 30 seconds.
  3. Pull your penis to the right for 30 seconds.
  4. Pull it to the left for 30 seconds.
  5. Pull it up for 30 seconds.
  6. Straighten your penis out.

There is no difference how you are stretching your penis – in a sitting or standing position. You should feel comfortable when doing the exercise. If you are a beginner, you should stretch your penis when flaccid for three to six months. Otherwise, it can be risky for your health. You may work with your bare hands or use some auxiliary means, including certain soft fabric (an old T-shirt or so), rubber gloves, or baby powder.

You may grip your penis wherever you want but avoid its head. As the glans of the penis is very sensitive, you may harm it when gripping the head. Men usually prefer doing the exercises with the grip an inch above the heads as such a position allows stretching the skin last of all.

You should pull your penis enough to stretch penile tissues without causing pain or discomfort. Time and experience will show you what force to apply. You may start with gentle pulls and intensify gradually in a few weeks.

As our bodies and pain thresholds are different, men experience absolutely different feelings. During and after the stretching process, you may feel slight itching, pricking or fatigue in your penis. Don’t worry – it means that you are on the right track. Some men report that they have minor burning sensations in muscles, while some say that they experience nothing. In most cases, men should feel a stretch.

Penis stretching

The above-mentioned feelings are normal. The only thing you should avoid is a pain. If you experience any painful sensations, stop doing the exercise immediately. It means that you apply too high intensity or force.

Penis stretching can also result in red dots – this means that you have not been enough warmed up. If you notice bruising or redness in other areas, you should take a break for several days – let you penis have a rest and heal.

When you get warmed up and have some experience, you may add advanced penis motions to your stretching program to increase its effect. But you should be careful as some advanced stretches may be incorporated only in several months. Otherwise, they will damage your manhood.

We hope that you are ready now to make your manhood longer and more attractive avoiding dangerous motions and risky outcomes.