Sex Positions To Stay Longer In Bed

Are you embarrassed that you can't satisfy your woman? Do you ejaculate sooner than both of you want? Are you looking for any effective way to prolong your sexual performance? The solution may be quite easy and simple – you should pay more attention to your body, your sensations, and your partner.

Here you can find sex positions that will help make your sexual life longer, better and more vivid. But you should remember that a bed is your playground, which requires more than only positions for both of you to stay enjoyed and satisfied.



Positive Thoughts

When it comes to your intimate relations, you should get any problems or issues that may distract you out of your head. You should be confident of your sexual potential and strength – no performance anxiety, no worrying, no uncertainty. Otherwise, your feelings may become a prophecy and spoil the whole process of satisfaction.


Foreplay as a Game

If you ejaculate earlier, you should reduce any pressure to your penis and prolong your foreplay with more kisses, more caress, and more exciting sex surprises. Have you ever seen that any woman complaints of too many kisses or tenderness?

You should enjoy your intimate relations and bodies of each other – it can bring more satisfaction than sex. Explore her every inch in the shower and let your woman do the same – feel the aroma and taste of your bodies in whole rather than in part. 


Skills Come With Practice

You should not be shy of masturbation (though the word is complicated, the process is pleasant, and you know it). Masturbation will help you learn your body, it needs and potential. By playing with your penis, you can figure out how long you last before an ejaculation. You can try different techniques to suppress it and prolong your performance, and choose the best one for you.

You can come close to an orgasm and stop masturbation for an adequate period to prevent premature incidents training, thus, your body to take control over ejaculations and last longer in bed. You will learn how to maintain your erections and impress your partner. Please remember that trials and errors are a way to gain the heights.

These are key recommendations that can help you get relaxed and receive satisfaction together with your partner. Now, let’s move to sex positions designed to make your sex longer, deeper and more intense.


Missionary Position

Missionary Position

You may say that this position makes no interest for you in bed as it is simple and "nothing-new". But do not draw such hasty conclusions as it can be very helpful for men who want to prolong their performance in the bedroom.

The mission position is also called the man-on-top position with a woman lying on her back and a man on top of her. It may involve penile penetration or non-penetration. If you are close to an orgasm, you can interrupt the intercourse taking your friend out of her vagina and wait a bit. When you calm down, continue enjoying sex.

When your woman lifts her legs, you may feel stronger sensations leading to premature ejaculation. Therefore, you are recommended choosing body-to-body missionary position and – step by step – break the monotony of your sex life. 


Sitting Position

Sitting Position

The sitting position is a sex position when a man sits with his legs crossed and a woman on top of him – the sitting inside each other. It allows men to last longer in bed by controlling the speed of their pace during the intercourse.

This position has a lot of advantages as you can easily reach and caress her back and kiss her breasts and neck. You partner may also feel all charm of your body without distracting from sex, and enjoying the whole process. When you explore your body and its potential, master the techniques and become able to control your ejaculations, you can add some interesting tricks to your sex. Your partner can move up and down on your penis putting her hands on your knees or around your neck to keep the balance.

Riding Position

 Riding Position

The riding position is also called the cowgirl or woman-on-top position as a man lies on his back with a woman taking a ride on him. Though some men may think that a woman on top monitors the intercourse and all powers, some guys find it curious and comfortable as they can focus on the process and control their orgasm.

If you have enjoyed the position, you may let your partner squat. However, her vagina grips your penis more tightly, and your genitals touch each other making you crazy. Thus, it is harder to control your feeling, and you may explode faster.


Spoons Position

Spoons Position

The spoons position or spooning is a rear-entry position when a woman lies on one side with her face down, and knees bent, and a man presses his body against her back. It allows for full-body contacts and closer intimate relations.

You lift her leg to insert your penis into her vagina. You should move slowly taking a calm and steady pace. Though you may feel some tightness at the beginning, a lot of men report that they last longer and better control their ejaculations in this position. You partner will be delighted with your abilities and skills to satisfy all her wishes.

These positions will improve your sexual relations and make your sexual intercourses longer. But remember that these are recommendations rather than words of wonder, medications, or healing processes. If you have any medical conditions, including sexual dysfunction and premature ejaculation, you should not play for time. Please contact your healthcare provider to get medical advice and diagnostics when required. It will help save your relations with your partner and change your sex for better.