Star Curves as the Solution for Buttock Enhancement

There are various buttock enhancement products, but Star Curves is the less known one. Is there any significant reason for such a cover or is it a crude diamond? Let’s see what this product can offer us.

Star Curves is a buttock enhancement supplement formulated from herbs and vitamins that improve your curves. These pills work by stimulating the growth of your gluteus maximus. They increase the amount of fats in your buttocks and thigh area. Your buttocks are mainly made of fats and muscles. If you are thin and have a fast metabolism, the supplement will slow down your metabolism and send the fats to your thigh area and buttocks. If you are plump, Star Curves will help redirect your excess calories from your belly, waist or other parts of your body to your buttocks making your shape curvier and more attractive.

The official website says that Star Curves is a 100% natural formula and contains herbs and vitamins as:

     -   Fenugreek and Don Quai (which increase estrogen levels in the body);
     -   Maca Root and Dandelion (which enhance muscle development).

The product also includes:

     -   Vitamin E,
     -   Black Walnut,
     -   Blessed Thistle,
     -   L-Tyrosine,
     -   Pacific Kelp
     -   Sea Fennel,
     -   Wild Yam
     -   and Rose Hips.

If you want to gain effective results, you are recommended taking three pills a day. A lot of other buttock enhancement supplements require one pill a day to show its effect. Some users report that they see first results in three to five weeks. However, the manufacturer recommends taking the pills for at least three months.

The company offers discreet packaging 7 to 10 days delivery within the USA, and 2 weeks or more delivery to other locations. When you inquire about your order or payment details, you are provided with a personal address of a woman. It raises some doubts as for where the pills are made and packed.

You will pay USD 69.99 for a one-month supply. However, you may save when ordering in bulk:

     -   USD 104.98 for a two-month supply
     -   USD 129.98 for a three-month supply

It is quite hard to say for sure whether Star Curves is an effective supplement. It is impossible to find any third-party reviews or forums discussing this product. The only testimonials we have succeeded to find are those located on the official website. Taking into account these reviews, we can doubt the results. A lot of customers say that visually they do not see any changes but the measurements show that they do exist.

So, let’s summarize what we have and make your final decision whether Star Curves is worth buying.


     -  All-natural and safe formula of the buttock enhancement supplement.
     -  Some testimonials, which evidence an increase in buttocks.


     -   No information about a satisfaction guarantee and return policy (only trials to be paid for).
     -   No website updates since 2010.
     -   Three pills to be taken on a daily basis to get useful results.
     -   Quite a high price for such a product (you can buy competitors’ supplements for less).
     -   No information about shipping address (Star Curves seems to be shipped from a personal address).