What Are The Most Common Skin Care Problems And How To Treat Them?



Skin problems are very common today, and many people are facing different issues. Anything that can irritate the skin can lead to other skin symptoms like swelling, redness, or itchy skin. Hives and rashes are other signs of problems, but not matter the skin issue – some are very easily and quickly treatable, while other require longer treatments for ridding them off.  Cellulite, scars, acnes, and stretch marks are some of the most common skin problems today. They all cause different problems, but fortunately, there are many successful treatments for eliminating these skin problems.


Characteristics of Different Skin Problems

Cellulite appears when fat deposits are close to the skin surface. This condition is often embarrassing, especially among women, but the important thing to remember is that cellulite is not a fat problem, but solely a skin problem. The piled up fat deposits are pushing against the tissue that connects underneath the skin, and that makes the skin to lose its natural characteristics and to dimple. A significant majority of women develop cellulite sometime in their lives, but this condition can easily be treated. Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and losing weight is the best prevention against cellulite. However, cellulite can never be removed completely. It is mainly influenced by genetics, or it is a hormonal issue. Eating food that is rich in amino acids, fatty acids, and antioxidants can help in increasing your skin circulation and reduce inflammation. This is a safe non-invasive method for treating cellulite, although many women often choose liposuction or mesotherapy as ways to treat cellulite. However, liposuction is not effective because this treatment mainly targets fat stores deep inside the body and the cellulite is often near the surface of the skin.


Scars are another major skin issue that causes problems to people. They appear as a result of the skin healing itself after being injured or cut. Human`s skin is very strong, and it is designed to serve as the first protection against different infections. For example, if you cut your skin with a knife or glass, or you suffer some kind of injury, then your body responds by closing your skin as soon as possible to protect it. However, the problem is that your scar tissue is much different in comparison with the other skin tissue around the scar. Because of the injury, the scar stands out and is clearly visible, which makes many people uncomfortable. Fortunately, scars are fading away as the time passes and become less visible. Good thing to know is that there is no one and only scar treatment that is good for every person. Each person is different, and each scar is different, so all scars require different approaches in treating them. Some scar procedures that serve to deal with this problem include laser healing treatments, surgery, tissue filling, or dermabrasion.


Acne is a skin problem that usually appears in the period of puberty and early adolescence, but it can affect older people too. Acne consists of bumps and spots on the skin. They are mostly visible on person`s face, but they can also appear on shoulders, back, or buttocks. The main question is what causes acne to appear? There is no single or easy answer to this question because many factors influence appearing of acne. Sometimes person`s genes can significantly influence whether someone will get acne. The skin is sometimes affected by hormonal changes and imbalances. For example, during puberty boys often go through changes because of the variations of the testosterone levels in their bodies, which cause the appearance of acne. Human skin has glands that release a substance called sebum, which serves to protect the skin from outside influences. Sebum acts as a blocker of hair follicles, so when the dead and old skin cells start to mix with blockage, that leads to the appearance of spots on the skin. Then bacteria begin to multiply, and that leads to inflammation beneath the skin surface.


There is no connection between acne and the food you eat. Eating more or less of some particular food does not have any effect on the formation of acne. There are many types of acne that can appear on person`s skin. Whiteheads are hard and small and have a white center. Blackheads are pores that are blocked. Pustules are skin spots with visible pus, while nodules are hard and often painful lumps below the skin surface. There is also inflammatory acne, which appears when the skin is swollen and red. Inflammatory acne must be treated as soon as possible in order to prevent scarring. A very important thing to remember is to never squeeze or pierce spots because that can lead to inflammation and scarring. Spots on the skin usually go away by themselves, although they can leave some redness for some days or weeks after they go away.

Stretch marks are another common skin problem, which happens when the skin has been stretched. This usually occurs during pregnancy. Besides pregnancy, a rapid weight gain can also lead to the appearance of stretch marks. Good news is that stretch marks are no threat to people, and they can fade away after some period of time. However, similar like the cellulite, they cannot go away completely. There are some creams that contain glycolic acid or Vitamin E, which say they can eliminate stretch marks, and although they are good for the skin, they cannot completely remove them. Some treatments that show useful results against stretch marks include using tretinoin cream, therapy with dye laser, excimer laser, fractional photo thermolysis, and microdermabrasion.

stretch marks

These were some of the most common skin care problems and potential solutions for treatment. If you have some skin problems, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, who can suggest different approaches and treatments. They can explain, which skin treatments would be most convenient for your skin type and what can you expect. The thing to remember is that most of the treatments are partially effective and not all problems can be removed completely.