What Is Normal Bra Size And How To Measure It?


When buying a bra or a few bras, one of the most common problems that ladies encounter is the sizing. How can we determine whether the bra size is normal and suitable for you or not? There are many situations, in which find a bra that they really like with a matching size is hard, and that’s why they keep buying the same model for years. There is no doubt that this is a practical and reasonable decision, but the truth is that this approach has some flaws. For instance, an average bra size for you can change after some period of time. The other flaw is that the manufacturer can just stop making these bras.


Understanding the Differences in Bra Size

What most women know is that average bra size worn as a young adult or a teenager will probably be different from regular bra size when the same women become pregnant or simply older. Practicing a different diet and hormonal changes can affect the bra size that a lady needs. Gaining and losing weight, diuretics and menstrual cycles can also alter breast size and ultimately bra size. It is perfectly normal to witness an increase in size during menstrual and premenstrual periods because the breasts are affected by hormonal changes and water retention. Weight changes have an impact on the amount of fatty deposits stored in breasts with modifications bra size over time.

There is, of course, another factor that contributes to the difficulties related to determining an average bra size. Namely, the bra size labeling is different in almost every country. Of course, we should not forget that even if there is a standard measurement, the label size can be different than the actual size of the bra. It’s worth mentioning that women with larger breasts find this activity even harder than the others. On the other hand, standardized bra sizing usually helps women with smaller breasts. Whenever you are involved in the process of buying a bra, you should also take the symmetry and shape of the breasts into account and even the spacing between them.

How to Measure Bra Size and Find the Perfect Match?

How to Measure Bra Size

There are many experts, who say that there are some ground rules that can be applied during this process. Generally speaking, women need a bra cup that fits smoothly. In case the breasts don’t fill these cups altogether, women should probably look for a smaller size. On the other hand, breasts that look like they are squeezed in or breasts that are barely standing in the cup obviously need a larger bra size. It’s also good to point out that a gap between the breasts and the edges of the cup are unacceptable. In case the main panel is not laying flat against the breastbone, then you should look for a larger bra size. In addition, the bottom of the bra band must be standing firmly right under the shoulder blades. A lower back fit provides better support. A good bra size allows women to run their finger right under the front band. So, tight is not okay and snugly is great. In case you cannot determine whether the band has the right size, sit down. Due to the fact that the rib cage tends to grow when sitting, and in case you don’t feel comfortable when sitting, you should look for a larger size. In the end, let’s not forget that the straps must stay in place. If the straps are close enough, you will be able to stop them from falling. In addition, the straps should not create marks once you remove the bra.

Now let’s see what methods women can use to measure the perfect bra size and get the ideal fit. First of all, they should identify the right band size. The most used method involves a measuring tape. Simply stand in front of a mirror and check the position of the measuring tape. Exhale and measure right under the breasts, around the bra and maintain the tape parallel to the ground. After that, round the measurement to the closest whole inch. Due to the fact that bras are marked with even sizes like 36, 32, etc. in case the number even just adds a 4. On the other hand, if the number is odd just add a 5, and you’ll get the right band measurement. Feel free to use the tape measure to assess the size above the bust. Just put it above your bust, a circle with the tape around the back and chest and under the arms ending once again above your bust. The arms must be placed down. In case you get an odd number add once inch to the size. Otherwise, this is the exact band size you have.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to measure the size with the help of one of the bras that you are wearing. Put the bra on and pull the band away from the back. If it is away more than one inch, this means that is it too loose. Measuring cup size is harder. Put the arms at your side and measure around the largest part of the bust. Remember to keep the tape measure parallel to the ground. In case you are doing this without a bra on you, keep the breasts up to the same position where your breasts are when you are wearing a bra. You will need the help of another person to measure the size.

cup size

The cup size is marked with letters:

  • One inch equals A,
  • less than one inch is AA,
  • two inches – B,
  • three inches – C,
  • four inches – D,
  • five inches DD or E,
  • six inches is DDD or F,
  • and seven inches is DDDD or G.


All these instructions should help you find the right bra size. However, don’t forget that modern bras come in different shapes and styles so take this important fact into consideration too.